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BIT.TRIP REMIX [07] Tenacigrowth BIT.TRIP REMIX [07] Tenacigrowth

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I am not familiar with the source material, but the mix is solid. Took half a star out because your orchestral strings don't exactly fit with the rest of your bitcrushed enviroment, they "float" over your mix, i think toning the reverb you are using and unifying it with the restt would make them fit a tad better. Aside from that, good job!

ganon95 responds:

thanks for the review. i do agreee the orchestral probably could have been implemented a little better however i do like the bass it adds to the mix

Chuckles likes children Chuckles likes children

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hey, this is pretty good!!! For some reason the first thing that comes to mind is Clay Fighter hahaha This definitively has that"Crazy Circus" atmosphere all over the place,. The mixing is extremely pleasant too, even with all the stuff thats going on i could hear everything clearly. I have no bad remarks, good job!

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Azhthar responds:

Glad you like it! For the mixing I was actually not completely sure. I wish I could bring some of the instruments out a bit better but probably I just overloaded the track at some points (which I always do) and come to my limits here what my limited mixing abilities limitate... Just had a peak into Clay Fighter. DidnĀ“t know it before :)

Just Trollin Just Trollin

Rated 4 / 5 stars

My 2 cents.

Percussion is on point, i like the variety it has. I really liked the string ensemble AFTER the first 35 seconds. Those 35 seconds were eternal for me, the strings got really repetitive in that interval. i really liked what you did after though, good job. I also like the overall atmosphere of the song, how you managed to get an almost industrial sound of a mostly orchestral piece. Keep the good work!

Brenticus responds:

thank you , I'd keep your review in memory. :)